Sonic boom 10 shots

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Introducing Sonic 10 Boom Shots! Brace yourself for an electrifying fireworks display with ten thunderous booms that will light up the night sky and create a symphony of excitement. Elevate your celebrations with this powerful spectacle!

Do you like to explode firecrackers like decorating the sky on Diwali? don’t waste your valuable time and celebrate with these crackers.. buy quickly at the best prices. the deluxe sonic boom shot multi-color from online crackers and directly sent to you from standard Sivakasi crackers and fireworks in Mumbai, Indore, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, and all over India. the excellent quality crackers and it has 5 pcs per pack. we offering you the very newest fireworks are 12 shots, 30 shots, 60 shots, 120 shots multi-color, etc., are available at the best prices.

Everyone will be curious about the colorful beauty that appears in the sky on Diwali, Let’s rock with sonic boom shot multi color. surely it carries you for a wonderful feel.

Contain Chemical composition Visual effect sound effect safety
5 pcs per box “Al”,” S”,“ KNO3″, “C ” It goes approximately 40 ft, makes colorful showers concurrently makes a huge sound to be safe & keep distance 5 meters of it. use lengthy sticks while igniting it.


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