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Flower Pots Special – Green offers the perfect combination of affordability and safety. With its budget-friendly price, you can enjoy a spectacular fireworks display without breaking the bank. Designed with safety in mind, it ensures a worry-free experience for all. Watch in awe as it showers the night sky with stunning green sparks, adding a touch of enchantment to your celebrations. Experience the magic of Flower Pots Special – Green, where affordability meets safety for a memorable and enjoyable fireworks experience.

Introducing the Flower Pot Special, a firework that offers a delightful experience at the lowest price. Designed with safety in mind, it is perfect for children to enjoy under adult supervision. The visual effects of the Flower Pot Special are enchanting, as it emits a cascade of colorful sparks that resemble blooming flowers. With its simple design and easy-to-use features, it provides a hassle-free fireworks experience. Whether it’s a backyard gathering or a small celebration, the Flower Pot Special is the ideal choice for adding a touch of magic to any occasion without compromising safety or breaking the bank.

Quantity  Chemical Composition Loudness Duration Safety Distance Visual Effects
10 Pcs (Per Box) Al”, “Ba(NO3)2”, “Aluminum Chips Soundless     Each piece lasts for 20 seconds Stand at a distance of 5 meters to ensure safety Flower pot showers millions of sparks and creates a colorful shower-like effect

Here are five simple steps to ignite the flower pots using sparklers, twinkling stars, or pencils:

  1. Ensure you have sparklers, twinkling stars, or pencils ready for ignition.
  2. Place the flower pot securely on a flat and stable surface.
  3. Take your chosen ignition source (sparkler, twinkling star, or pencil) and light it with a match or a lighter.
  4. Carefully touch the lit ignition source to the fuse of the flower pot. Make sure to maintain a safe distance while doing so.
  5. Once the fuse ignites, step back and enjoy as the flower pot showers millions of sparks and creates a beautiful and colorful display.

Remember to exercise caution and follow all safety guidelines while handling fireworks.


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