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Explore a wide range of visually stunning and powerful firecrackers that will light up your celebrations. From vibrant colors to resounding sounds, our selection of Kuruvi Crackers offers a dynamic and captivating experience. Shop online for Kuruvi Crackers and elevate your festivities with the perfect combination of visual spectacle and exhilarating noise. Get ready to create unforgettable moments with the convenience of online shopping for Kuruvi Crackers.

The quality of the Kuruvi crackers bursting sound is exceptional and impactful. When ignited, these crackers produce a powerful and resonating sound that echoes through the surroundings. The sound is characterized by a loud bang, creating an immersive auditory experience that adds thrill and excitement to the fireworks display. The robust and vibrant sound quality of Kuruvi Vedi firecrackers ensures that they make a lasting impression and leave a memorable impact on both the spectators and the celebratory atmosphere.

2 3/4″ Kuruvi Crackers are a type of firecracker designed to provide a thrilling and visually appealing fireworks experience. With their compact size and impressive effects, these crackers are perfect for adding excitement to celebrations and events. The combination of dazzling lights and vibrant colors ensures a captivating display that will leave spectators in awe.

Specification  Value      
Product Name 2 3/4″ Kuruvi
Type     Firework
Size 4 inches
Visual Effects  This firecracker does not generate sparks or showers; however, it emits a resounding and powerful bang, creating an impressive auditory experience.
Duration               Approximately 20 seconds 
Noise Level  Moderate
Safety Distance Minimum 20 meters
Packaging Pack of 5 units  
Usage Outdoor use only


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